Yimeng(Damon) Zhang

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PhD Candidate (Computer Science),
Computer Science and Engineering Department,
Michigan State University (MSU)
428 S. Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI, USA
E-Mail: zhan1853@msu.edu

About me

I received the B.Eng. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) from The University of Sheffield, UK, in 2018, and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering (EE) from Columbia University, USA, in 2020. Currently, I am a PhD Candidate in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Sijia Liu.

Research Focuses

  • Deep Learning: Computer Vision (generative models, multi-modality), AI Safety (adversarial attack & defense)

  • Optimization: Zeroth-Order Optimization, Dataset/Model pruning

Recent Publications

(* represents equal contribution)

  1. Y. Zhang* , J. Jia*, X. Chen, A. Chen, Y. Zhang, J. Liu, K. Ding, S. Liu, “To Generate or Not? Safety-Driven Unlearned Diffusion Models Are Still Easy To Generate Unsafe Images … For Now” [Code]

  2. A. Chen*, Y. Zhang* , J. Jia, J. Diffenderfer, J. Liu, K. Parasyris, Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang, B. Kailkhura, S. Liu, DeepZero: Scaling up Zeroth-Order Optimization for Deep Model Training [Code]

  3. Y. Zhang*, Y. Zhang* , A. Chen*, J. Jia, J. Liu, G. Liu, M. Hong, S. Chang, S. Liu, Selectivity Drives Productivity: Efficient Dataset Pruning for Enhanced Transfer Learning, NeurIPS’23 [Code]

  4. Y. Zhang , X. Chen, J. Jia, S. Liu, K. Ding, Text-Visual Prompting for Efficient 2D Temporal Video Grounding, CVPR’23 [Code] [Poster] [Slide]

  5. Y. Zhang* , A.K. Kamath*, Q. Wu*, Z. Fan*, W. Chen, Z. Wang, S. Chang, S. Liu, C. Hao, Data-Model-Circuit Tri-Design for Ultra-Light Video Intelligence on Edge Devices, ASP-DAC’23

  6. Y. Zhang, Y. Yao, J. Jia, J. Yi, M. Hong, S. Chang, S. Liu, How to Robustify Black-Box ML Models? A Zeroth-Order Optimization Perspective, ICLR’22 (Spotlight, acceptance rate 5%) [Code] [Poster]

  7. Y. Gong, Y. Yao, Y. Li, Y. Zhang, X. Liu, X. Lin, S. Liu, Reverse Engineering of Imperceptible Adversarial Image Perturbations, ICLR’22 [Code]

  8. Y. Zhang,X. Y. Liu, B. Wu, A. Walid, Video Synthesis via Transform-Based Tensor Neural Network, ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM’20)

  9. X. Han, B. Wu, Z. Shou, X. Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, L. Kong, Tensor FISTA-Net for real-time snapshot compressive imaging, AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI’20)

Full list of publications.